We have written various informative articles for magazines such as The Gardener and Die Tuinier, SA Garden and SA Tuin as well as Orchids (The publication of the South African Orchid Council). These will give your more information on the background and growing of orchids and carnivorous plants.

Below, you can download these articles:


Cypripediums.pdf [703 kb]

Dinner Plate Catasetums Part 1.pdf [260 kb]

Dinner Plate Catasetums Part 2.pdf [260 kb]

Dinner Plate Catasetums Part 3.pdf [330 kb]

Grow Orchids Indoors - Miniature Cattleyas.pdf [1.85 mb]

Grow Orchids Indoors - Miniature Phalaenopsis.pdf [1.39 mb]

Grow Orchids Indoors - Paphiopedilum & Miltonia.pdf [430 kb]

Grow Orchids Indoors - Vuylstekeara Cambria.pdf [900 kb]

Grow Orchids Outdoors - Laelias.pdf [760 kb]

Grow Orchids Outdoors - Odontocidium Wildcat.pdf [1.42 mb]

Kweek Orgideë Binnenshuis - Vuylstekeara Cambria.pdf [1.75mb]

Kweek Orgideë Buite - Laelias.pdf [1.43 mb]

Mexican Marvels - Euchile species from Mexico.pdf [2.58 mb]

Paphiopedilum Wossner Vietnam Love - Hybrid of Year 2011.pdf [290 kb]

Photo of the Year.pdf [150 kb]

Plectrelminthus caudatus.pdf [280 kb]

Polystachya victoriae - Orchid & Species of Year 2012.pdf [330 kb]

Suwada Orchid Nursery - Producers of world class Cattleyas.pdf [700 kb]

The Romance of Orchids - an Introduction to orchids.pdf [1.71 mb]


American pitcher plants (Sarracenia).pdf [465 kb]

Monkey Cups (Nepenthes) part 1.pdf [1.91 mb]

Monkey Cups (Nepenthes) part 2.pdf [1.19 mb]


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